Why Club Membership

Why offer Club memberships?

The UKMIL Club allows you to get more from UKMIL. First and foremost, it gives you exclusive access .
We also offer an exclusive addon that will never be released on the freeware market: the UKMIL Northumbria airfield plus other fictional scenery currently in development. UKMIL Northumbria is a fictional airfield featuring the pinnacle of our AI and scenery development, and the location of many server events.

Aside from access to files, you will also get exclusive use of our FSINN server and the online events held in them. This is supplemented with access to our Teamspeak server for flying radio chatter or general discussion.

As a Club member, you will also get priority support for any issues or requests on our forums.

So, why do we have to charge a membership fee? In plain terms, we have to cover running costs. To enable us to do this, we have purchased a dedicated server. This server is not cheap, and therefore the costs need to be covered on a monthly basis. Yes, we could run from a free site, but then the site would be basic, littered with ads, with no files to download, and no online server to have; quite a downgrade from the site you're on now. All costs are covered by our Club program.

In the end, as we have said, all UKMIL files are free; we will never charge people to download our products. If you do not want to join our club, you will still receive all our freeware files following their beta testing periods which is also for our benefit, making sure that our addons are of high quality and have no problems upon their freeware releases.

So, you are not being asked to pay for our files; the overwhelming majority of our files are available to all free of charge. Our dedicated server is expensive to run, and we need to cover the costs. We attempted to maintain the site with a donation-based system 3 years ago, and this failed to cover the cost. UKMIL staff make no profit from this; all revenue goes towards website upkeep expenses. In short, the Club is the only reason UKMIL is able to remain freeware for the masses.

After all, it is a one-time lifetime payment of only �9.99. Once you join, you never have to pay anything again.

If you have any problems or queries, please inquire on our forums.